Friday, April 12, 2013

15 Ways to Cut Down on Sugar Addiction

15 Ways to Cut Down on Sugar Addiction

Recommended daily sugar intake for men is less than 150 calories (equivalent to nine teaspoons) and women 100 calories (equivalent to six teaspoons). Sugar needs to be restricted is the sugar added to food is not the natural sugars found in fruits. If you have trouble avoiding sugar.

Here's how you can try to reduce the sugar addiction :

10 Reasons To Reduce Sugar

10 Reasons To Reduce Sugar

Many countries are very concerned on foods that contain high sugar. The American Government, in New York and California, for example, wore a tax on sugared soft drinks to cover the cost of treatment of diseases related to obesity for its residents. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brown Sugar Healthier than White Sugar?

Brown Sugar Healthier than white sugar?  

Sugar in a variety of types is often added to foods and beverages daily. This type of sugar is the most widely used is the sugar derived from sugar cane.

Most people care on health considers brown sugar or raw sugar is better than white sugar. Maybe because it's not as nicely as sugar and looks more natural. Whereas, the mineral content in brown sugar too much.

Make It A Habit To Eat Bananas To Prevent Stroke

Make It A Habit To Eat Bananas To Prevent Stroke

A healthy diet is mandatory if you want to avoid us from many diseases. Related to this, experts recommend us for routine eating bananas and cut chips to prevent stroke.

The banana is a fruit rich in potassium. An average banana contains 420 mg. Potassium plays a role in lowering blood pressure. While the chips contain a lot of salt can increase blood pressure. That's why the combination of these two things is highly recommended if not want to stroke.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Go to the raw food diet and never eat hot food: No, it is not. Sometimes I want something hot. Hot meals were always very comfortable for us. And cold, rainy day, carrot sticks or wheatgrass juice, and probably will not cut us.
Most raw food, such as our body is perishable. When subjected to temperatures above 118 degrees of raw food, as well as our bodies, we had a high fever, will break down quickly. which can destroy FERMENTNER one of the components of the product. FERMENTNER help us digest food. FERMENTNER, proteins, and although there are a very special 3-dimensional space. These are heated above 118 degrees, this structure is subject to change.

This feature was able to get pregnant are more than FERMENTNER and then subjected to heat. their FERMENTNER Content is damaged, because FERMENTNER required to process our food and cooked food to help chronic diseases. metabolic FERMENTNER help digest the nutritional value of meals cooked in digestive system is used. digest raw foods prepared food requires more energy than the digestive system. Which is 1 / 2 through the digestive Cooking time for 1 / 3 Try general, raw materials and food more digestible, in

Eat FERMENTNER-dead food places the burden on the pancreas and other organs are developed, and as a result of these large bodies, their processes. Many of gradually progressive and pancreas damage digestive process of food after receiving food in the life of their ability to lose.

But, of course, you can steam and blanch the food hot food you want. 118 degrees Fahrenheit and use a food thermometer cook. Loss FERMENTNER for food temperature is more than this.