Friday, April 12, 2013

10 Reasons To Reduce Sugar

10 Reasons To Reduce Sugar

Many countries are very concerned on foods that contain high sugar. The American Government, in New York and California, for example, wore a tax on sugared soft drinks to cover the cost of treatment of diseases related to obesity for its residents. 

According to the nutrition of America, Nancy Appleon, PhD, there are many reasons we should reduce sugar, these include:

1. increase the levels of glucose and insulin reaction, potentially triggering disease diabetes mellitus. Indonesia is located on the top positions of the four countries whose inhabitants suffered this disease according to WHO, after India, China, the United States.

2. weaken the body to defend against bacterial infections.

3. Make the absorption of minerals in the body become garbled, including calcium and magnesium.

4. it weakens the power of vision.

5. Causes of low blood pressure.

6. Lower levels of vitamin E in the blood.

7. increase cholesterol levels in the blood.

8. make the skin easily wrinkled because changing the structure of collagen.

9. sugar is the number one enemy for bowel activity.

10. can make muscles easily damaged.

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