Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Make It A Habit To Eat Bananas To Prevent Stroke

Make It A Habit To Eat Bananas To Prevent Stroke

A healthy diet is mandatory if you want to avoid us from many diseases. Related to this, experts recommend us for routine eating bananas and cut chips to prevent stroke.

The banana is a fruit rich in potassium. An average banana contains 420 mg. Potassium plays a role in lowering blood pressure. While the chips contain a lot of salt can increase blood pressure. That's why the combination of these two things is highly recommended if not want to stroke.

A study found enough intake of potassium have a stroke risk 24 percent smaller. However the researchers previously found that consumption of potassium in the elderly can be dangerous as it causes decreased renal function and therefore cannot eliminate the remnants of potassium from the blood.

But this is contradicted by recent research showing the potassium do not affect negatively to kidney function. The researchers said there is evidence is very strong that routinely consuming food sources of potassium are very positive impact for those suffering from hypertension.

The researchers analyzed 128,000 people to more than 33 times the experiment. They found that people who consumed more minerals, such as diligent eating bananas, safe for everyone. The recommended potassium intake per day is no more than 3,500 mg.

Another study found that reducing salt intake in four weeks or so can significantly lower blood pressure. In the end it can lower the risk of stroke and heart attack.

A Healthy Diet is the key to set the risk of stroke, and high blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for stroke, as well as changing eating patterns became more healthy can keep blood pressure remains controlled.

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