Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Fortunately for those of us who are newly interested in eating raw and organic foods are products of many out there. Natural and organic foods are used, can only be found in health food stores, and these few could. Although not as ubiquitous as McDonald's, there are many independent shops. And supermarket chains to get more organic options than ever. If you do not see in your grocery store, just ask. Probably not the only person in your neighborhood who would like to know more about these options.
Many supermarkets now have outbreaks and other food living in the production process. Of course, if not, then nothing is easier to grow by itself the cabbage!

There are also tons of sites where you can order raw foods and living. Just do a search on raw foods and comes with a lot of different places to order food, you want to buy. Many of these pages are also full of useful information to learn so you can eat raw foods, and help educate you about the values of certain foods.

What else? Experiment with what you like. Take time for a little longer to learn what the different nutrients in food for you. Some examples:

Kohl - Rich in vitamin C, important for healthy cell function
Shitake - contain essential fatty acids and antioxidants support a healthy immune system
Kale - high in fiber and helps reduce calorie intake with less hunger. We like that!
Barley - fiber niacin, iron load and is important for healthy blood sugar.
Pumpkin - As rich in fiber and vitamins helps to reduce the appetite for the stomach with indigestible fiber

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  1. Thanks for your comment today! There are definite health benefits from eating raw foods. Keep it up!