Wednesday, January 26, 2011


When you start eating more raw foods, you may find that you no thirst, or do not need much water or other drinks, as usual. There are several reasons for this.
First, raw foods, like fruits and raw vegetables have a higher volume of water in them, so that your body gets the hydration it needs food.

That does not mean you should stop drinking water or juice. You do not want to see some of the more radical elements of the raw food trend to determine. First, listen to your body. She will say whatever he wants. If you are overweight, sluggish, tired, depressed, your body says that making changes in diet, and raw foods would be a way to remove certain physical ailments.

But if you're overweight and symptoms of type II diabetes can be overwhelming thirst symptom. By consuming more raw foods to start with a higher content of fiber and moisture, you can start losing weight may be a long way to reduce their blood sugar levels to go.

If you are not overweight, or diabetes type II, you can still find that you're not as hungry as you normally are. First, if the drinking water and juices, not a lot of caffeine, then dried and is thirsty. And do not consume a lot of different cooking methods, or processed foods particularly strongly, which has astronomical sodium would not be so thirsty.

Consuming more foods raw, cooked and clean water and juices, you put your body in balance. Seller normal levels of sodium found in foods means that you start a more balanced amount of water needed. I do not think that's how to edit or delete them. Think of it as adding balance, healthy eating and the process much easier.

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  1. Really interesting this idea of eating more raw food will lead to less thirst. I eat a lot of fruits during the day and salads but I am always thirsty. Maybe I am adding to much salt.

    Thanks fro sharing.