Friday, March 25, 2011


He began to hear the raw food diet? It is becoming increasingly popular, and noise, not just diet to lose weight, but diet and healthy long life. Many of the foods we eat, we do not know how to stop and think about what we are doing to our bodies and how far we've come nutritionally from our ancestral roots, the earth.
Raw food diet means food in its natural form, not processed. The number of acceptable reasons is a good idea. Processing and cooking can take a lot of nutritional value away. Think about some of the conventional wisdom, I have heard for many years, such as: If you cook the pasta al dente (or medium) stage, you will have more calories, yes, but will have more nutritional value than if cooked well done on scene. Or perhaps you remember that the hearings do not shoot carrots or potatoes too much, because most of the nutrients and the values just below the surface.

raw food diet means eating unprocessed, raw, organic foods such as whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, seaweeds, etc., a diet that is at least 75% raw! Cooking for taste and nutrition from vegetables and fruits. Raw food diet means eating more like our ancient ancestors. What are healthier, better adapted to their ancestors. Cook is very small and do not cook or process fruits and vegetables. They are eaten raw. This is not tap water, but a natural source. Maybe sometimes drank coconut milk.

It only makes sense that this is how our bodies were designed to eat? This is one way to eat this planet, and in accordance with its own metabolism. Our bodies were designed to work and work efficiency. This means that the exercise, of course, but it also means eating organic foods, raw materials requires more energy to digest them.

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